The team

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Zhenya Pashkina ( is a professional visualizer, illustrator and animator who creates storyboards, illustrations and most recently, an entire graphic novel called The Stamp. Jim Boekbinder ( is an information architect, interaction designer, copywriter, design researcher and educator who combines these disciplines on products ranging from toolkits for education and business to websites and applications for businesses, not-for-profits and state clients. Together, they helped Peter create ‘Understand your medicine’, understandable explanations of psychiatric medicines for parents and children. Zhenya and Jim had so much fun brainstorming with Peter that they continued working after they finished the job, and now provide illustrations for ‘The Brain in Action’.

Zhenya Pashkina
Jim Boekbinder

Rumia Bose is a creative problem- solver with an affinity for human beings; she works at home as a mother of four teenagers (whom she also helped create) and for Mondriaan Mental Health Care as a FACT psychiatrist for patients with Severe Mental Illness. Although some disagree with her problem definitions, Rumia likes to extend her creativity to identifying problems.


Her connection with Peter dates back to her trainee period, when she was a particularly disruptive element during the Moleman Psychopharmacology course. The connection strengthened when they discovered a common interest in knitting and the workings of the brain. Rumia’s multilingualism, although confusing during conversations, has contributed to the English version of the website.