Peter Moleman


Pain is always in your head

26 April 2018
If you cut your finger the pain appears to originate at the site of the wound. But that is misguided. Pain is an emotion that is generated in the brain itself. How you experience pain is closely related to your emotional state and is strongly influenced by a placebo or by diverting your attention. Pain is always in your head.

Why people don’t want antidepressants but do want psychotherapy

12 April 2018
A lot of people think antidepressants are worthless. Is psychotherapy better than an antidepressant? There is no evidence for this. It seems to me that antidepressants suffer a disadvantage in our perception as compared to psychotherapy, in that their working mechanism is quite invisible and not instinctively comprehensible.
Hormones and Transmitters

Does dopamine make you happy, and is methylphenidate (Ritalin) addictive?

15 March 2018
Dopamine the happiness hormone? Dopamine regulates decisions about what is important and whether a reaction to this can have positive consequences. This process does not work properly in children and adults with ADHD and this causes chaos in their head. Methylphenidate (Ritalin) corrects this without having an addictive effect.
Complex Systems

Man thinks ahead, Nature succeeds through hindsight

1 March 2018
What makes man an exceptional animal? That he can think logically in cause and effect. But that is also a handicap, because nature is a system without cause and effect.

What is colour? How blue can look white…

15 February 2018
How do we see colour? Can white look blue and vice versa? And does it matter which word you use for a colour? Apparently it does.