Peter Moleman


What is colour? How blue can look white…

15 February 2018
How do we see colour? Can white look blue and vice versa? And does it matter which word you use for a colour? Apparently it does.

The girl with half a brain

1 February 2018
The girl without the right hemisphere of her brain functions pretty normally. How is this compatible with the idea that women use their right hemisphere more?

Nature and nurture: congenital and acquired

18 January 2018
Is it Nature or Nurture, congenital or acquired? The answer is actually quite simple: everything is Nature and Nurture. The structure if the brain determines what we can learn and what we learn determines the structure of the brain.

Where am I? Our internal GPS

21 December 2017
London taxi drivers know every street in London, as well as all the restaurants, post offices, shops and more. In our brain there is an ingenious GPS. And this GPS is integrated with our life history and emotions. Try doing that with a navigator!

Where are the limits of the body?

7 December 2017
What is the boundary of your body? Where does your body end? All fairly clear to you, but not to your brain. A rake you hold in your hand can become a part of your body, and sometimes a rubber hand can seem like your real hand. How can this be?