August 2017


The parable of the murderous brain

31 August 2017
In a country with golden sand dunes by the sea, each year saw more murders committed than the year before. Neuroscientists had proven that the conscience of most murderers did not function. The judges were stuck. How could they solve this problem?

Driving and memory

17 August 2017
When you drive a car, you have to execute several actions at the same time, and also pay attention to traffic. For this to take place, most of your actions are performed automatically. These are laid down in a separate memory in a specific part of the brain: the corpus striatum.
Predictive Process

Amazing and paradoxical

3 August 2017
What is the relation between what the neurologist calls amazing and the psychiatrist paradoxical? Our impression of the world around us is not formed on the basis of what we actually perceive with our senses. Instead, we carry a preexisting image of our surroundings in our head, and we check if that matches with our perceptions. Sometimes this goes awry.