June 2017

Hormones and Transmitters

Oxytocin and Lego Technic

22 June 2017
Oxytocin makes you happy. This is what you read in newspaper headlines and websites. Oxytocin the cuddle hormone, Oxytocin the love hormone. Oxytocin makes for monogamy. Does it really do that?

How does fMRI work?

8 June 2017
fMRI ( functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the star of the neurosciences. Research using fMRI scans provides steadily increasing amounts of information about the functioning of our brain. However, a lot of articles appear in the media with far-fetched conclusions from research using fMRI. This is why it seems useful to me to to explain some aspects of fMRI, so that you understand for yourself, when you read articles about it in the newspapers or websites, what the strengths and weaknesses are of the technique.