May 2017


How does our memory work?

By on 25 May 2017
Sometimes our memory is represented as the hard disc of a computer where data is stored, or as a filing cabinet. But that is not the way our memory works. How does remembering work? And what is the role of the hippocampus? And how do false memories come about?
Perception Vision

What you see is…..

By on 11 May 2017
Are you sure you see the reality out there? That is the question. You look with your eyes, but you see with your brain. And the brain does not receive an image like a camera does. The brain is not a passive processor. What you see is constructed in the brain. How do you see with your brain?

Welcome to The Brain in Action

By on 11 May 2017
My name is Peter Moleman, brain explorer. I will publish posts here about the brain. View the post or read the article for a short explanation . Scroll down for posts. To receive announcements of future posts subscribe at "Keep me posted".